August 2016 Graphic

This map illustrates the indirect impacts of creating 100 professional, scientific, and technical services jobs in each of the seven MRCOG sub-regions and the rest of New Mexico. Each sub-region was run individually, and estimates were produced using outputs from the Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI) PI Plus model.

East Albuquerque serves as the largest employment center in the region and the state. Thus, the largest impact occurs in East Albuquerque, where 93 indirect jobs across all industries are created in addition to the 100 direct jobs.

Job Creation

This also results in indirect job creation in other sub-regions (47 jobs), primarily in West Albuquerque (13 jobs) and the rest of Bernalillo County (19 jobs).

Significant indirect job creation occurs in East Albuquerque when new jobs are created in other sub-regions, particularly West Albuquerque (87 jobs), the rest of Bernalillo County (83 jobs), or Rio Rancho (34 jobs). This is because many of the builders and suppliers that support the new jobs are located in East Albuquerque.

Note that indirect job creation of less than 10 jobs is not shown in the graphic.

August 2016 Graphic