Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC)

An advisory committee to the Metropolitan Transportation Board (MTB)


  • Time: 1:30PM
  • Dates: 1st Friday of every month
  • Location: Remote meetings being held currently, otherwise held at the MRCOG office building.

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Agendas & Minutes

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The Transportation Coordinating Committee (TCC) provides technical advice to the Metropolitan Transportation Board (MTB). The TCC reviews and makes recommendations from a technical viewpoint on all matters and items pertaining to transportation planning in the AMPA that are scheduled to come before the MTB. The TCC also assists in the implementation of the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) for intermodal transportation planning and serves as the decision-making body for all Roadway Access Modification Requests.

The TCC may establish task groups and subcommittees of the TCC to formulate recommendations to the TCC.

The TCC has three standing committees. They are the Transportation Program Task Group (TPTG), the Intelligent Transportation System Subcommittee, and the Congestion Management Process Committee.


View the resolutions of the Transportation Coordinating Committee.

Committee Members

The TCC membership is composed of staff-level representatives with transportation and capital projects, planning knowledge, skills and experience from each of the member agencies and the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

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Roadway Access Policies

Certain roadways within the metropolitan planning area are designated as limited access facilities. These policies identify permitted access locations, types of access that may be allowed, and the procedures used to modify access on the roadways.