Long Range Metropolitan Transportation Plan: MTP

The Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization (MRMPO) oversees the development of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan, or MTP, which is the long-range transportation plan for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area (AMPA) (PDF).

The current plan is the Futures 2040 MTP.

The future plan currently being worked on is called Connections 2040.

The MTP is updated every five years. MRMPO is now beginning work on the update to the MTP. The update will be called the Connections 2040 MTP

Draft Connections 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

The comment period for the initial draft of the Connections 2040 MTP has now closed and MRMPO is now revising the Draft Plan in response to comments received. A second draft, the Final Draft MTP, will be released for a 30-day public review on March 9th, 2020 with an open house at MRCOG (809 Copper Ave NW, ABQ, NM 87102) on Wednesday, March 25th from 11AM until 7PM. Learn more...

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Futures 2040 MTP

The Futures 2040 MTP includes projections and forecasts of what Albuquerque's metropolitan area will look like in 20+ years from now in terms of population, employment, housing, number of vehicles on roadways, and other considerations. The plan evaluates how we should invest in our transportation system to maintain and improve mobility, safety, and economic growth by determining what roads need to be built or improved, where transit investments should be made, and how to best provide bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. The plan supports coordinated transportation and land use planning to make the region as livable and sustainable as possible.

Futures 2040 MTP includes several important new elements: scenario planning, which will include climate change consideration and analysis, and a Long Range Transportation System Guide that will provide guidance on right-of-way widths, roadway access and multimodal and context-sensitive design.

Plan Approval

On April 17, the Metropolitan Transportation Board approved the Futures 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the Albuquerque Metropolitan Planning Area. The plan received a “conformity determination” from  Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, and the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board to certify that the costs of the projects contained within the plan do not exceed future revenues and that the region will meet necessary air quality standards on May 26, 2015. With this conformity approval (PDF) determination, the plan has become the official long-range transportation plan for the region.  

Agencies and the general public may now refer to the contents of the Futures 2040 MTP for planning purposes. Plan approval means the Future Albuquerque Area Bikeways and Streets (FAABS) document is now replaced by the Long Range Transportation Systems Guide.

Futures 2040 Metropolitan Transportation Plan

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MTP Monitoring Reports

The 2035 MTP included performance measures that allow progress toward meeting the plan's goals to be monitored. Findings from the first round of monitoring are included in the 2035 MTP Monitoring Report (2013) (PDF). Findings from the second round of monitoring were reported in the 2040 MTP appendix. Read more about Monitoring the Progress of the 2035 MTP (PDF).

Futures 2040 MTP Maps

(All maps in JPG format and all maps are large files of around 4MB)

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  2. Travel Forecasts
  3. Transporation
  4. Transit
  5. Safety & Public Health
  6. Natural Resources
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  8. Interactive Maps

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