Small scale agriculture in the Rio Grande Valley and Sandia Mountain Communities and medium to large scale in High Plains Torrance and Sandoval County is a traditional practice that is regaining in strength and developing into a strong part of the local economy. As demand for local food increases, opportunities to develop new agriculture and food ventures open up, and avenues for market connections becomes key. Increasing the local food and agriculture sector requires new entrepreneurial farmers and local food producers, and sales venues, such as stores, restaurants, food trucks and farmers’ markets. 

Chili Roasting


  • Cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship
  • Facilitate connections between farmers/local food producers and restaurants, food trucks and grocery stores
  • Increase awareness of lending capital by facilitating access to micro lenders, Accion, WESST, NM Loan Fun, La Montanita Coop’s LAM fund, etc.
  • Increase number and access to commercial kitchens for food preparation and value-added company development
  • Recruit and retain millennial talent to our region to produce and consume local food
  • Support farm apprenticeships on public lands
  • Support LandLink, connecting farmers to land and resources

Key Partners

  • Agricultura Network
  • Bernalillo County
  • Delicious New Mexico
  • Edible Santa Fe
  • Estancia Valley Economic Development Association
  • New Mexico Farmers’ Marketing Association
  • New Mexico Food and Agriculture Policy Council
  • New Mexico Restaurant Association
  • NMSU’s Cooperative Extension
  • Village of Los Lunas


  • Agriculture production underway on public lands
  • At least two new connections via LandLink per year
  • An increase in the number of local food-based companies
  • An increase in the number of restaurants, food trucks sourcing from local farmers
Red Chili in Container