Implementation Report

Subsequent to the publication of the JLUS, a continuation grant was also funded by the OEA to implement various recommendations from the JLUS This report (PDF) presents the Implementation Project for the KAFB JLUS The implementation activities proposed for this JLUS are concentrated within a designated buffer area encircling the Base, referenced as the Kirtland Military Influence Area (MIA). This MIA identifies those lands where KAFB compatibility issues are likely to occur. The Implementation Project for the KAFB JLUS included a thorough analysis of planning area jurisdictions administered by local, state, federal and tribal governments. 

Organizational structures, regulatory mechanisms, and development review procedures were evaluated for potential strategic actions to accomplish key recommendations selected from the JLUS Implementation action strategies were formulated to provide a means of increased collaboration and communication through inter-local agreements for the review and approval of development occurring within the MIA. Other action strategies are proposed to avoid or prevent incompatible land use and development near KAFB.