MRCOG Budget

Fiscal Year 2018 MRCOG Budget & Financial Plan

Message from the Executive Director

This budget represents the Mid-Region Council of Governments’ continued commitment to improving the quality of life in Bernalillo, Sandoval, Torrance, and Valencia Counties. It has been my pleasure serving as your Executive Director, and I look forward to working with the Board of Directors to implement a fiscally responsible budget for fiscal year 2019. Together, we will continue to strategically pursue a long-term approach towards budgeting that allows us to be proactive in creatively serving the region. 

The Mid-Region Council of Governments FY19 Budget is focused on advancing innovative programs and strengthening the economy of Central New Mexico. These numbers reflect a balanced budget with a minimal increase in membership dues, and include a variety of core priorities including enhanced regional transit, the promotion of economic development, facilitating economic growth through planning assistance, as well as preparing the available workforce in our region for emerging industries. A few key programs from the past year worth highlighting are the unveiling of the new innovative Pace Bike Share program. Rio Metro secured a federal grant to purchase the capital bike share system, extending the program beyond downtown Albuquerque to 250 bicycles and 50 stations. The Town of Edgewood received a National Park Service grant to provide technical assistance to help the Town to develop a conceptual trail and open space plan. And, in an effort to help increase career development in Sandoval County, the New Mexico Workforce Connection hosted two Post High School Expos so that local students could meet employers in their area and learn what businesses do and what they are looking for in future employees. 

As always, we look forward to working with our elected officials and member agencies in an effort to foster partnerships, improve cooperation and enhance opportunities for all.

Dewey V. Cave, Executive Director

2019 MRCOG Budget