Active Transportation Committee


Meetings occur at the offices of the Mid-Region Council of Governments at 809 Copper Avenue NW in Albuquerque. They are generally held 12-1:30pm on the second Friday each month.


Active transportation is human powered transportation, which includes, walking, bicycling, taking transit, and people with special needs. Providing people who cannot or chose not to drive with more and cheaper options for getting around independently to meet every day needs is essential for access to education, jobs, and medical care. Additional benefits of active transportation include positive health outcomes, increased safety for all modes of travel, social interaction, and pollution reduction. Public transportation is included in active transportation because most trips begin and end with a walk or bike ride to get to/from transit. 

The Active Transportation Committee (ATC) will provide a forum for promoting the MPO’s goals by bringing active transportation modes into a larger discussion of the region’s health and safety, mobility, and access to goods and services. The ATC will discuss and review MPO products and projects including, but not limited to: safety planning and analysis, Long Range Bicycle System, Long Range Transportation Plan, bike share, and more. This committee is comprised of staff from state and local stakeholders, public health professionals, and active transportation advocates.